Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr. loved to play golf!! This year will be the 1st Annual Hubert Hoosman Jr., Golf Tournament.  Proceeds will support the Hubert H. Hoosman Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation

The Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation’s goal is to assist students in their quest for obtaining licenses, certifications, and degrees through institutions of higher education by providing a resource for the basic tool for success, their textbooks.  Renting, borrowing, sharing, library time and purchasing books off season all come with risks and possible deficiencies that may affect a student’s ability to be prepared for the course at hand. Electronic or digital book choices also present the additional cost for technology support.

Mr. Hubert H. Hoosman, Jr., was the fifth stair-step child in a family of six children, all of whom were expected to attend college. With this goal and an emphasis on education being a priority of his father, a school teacher, and mother, a school food service employee, there was great concern for the cost. Hubert and his sisters worked hard to achieve grades that would allow them to be eligible for scholarships to assist with the cost for college.  The Hubert H. Hoosman Jr. Circle of Excellence Scholarship Foundation will seek to provide the same opportunities to youth in the St. Louis community.

In his professional career, he was an avid supporter of public education and providing services for those who had special needs. His commitment to providing avenues for individuals to excel in education, as well as the world of work, carried over into his work as a President & Chief Executive Officer of Vantage Credit Union, a founding member of the African American Credit Union Coalition, and a co-owner of Haywood Hoosman Realty (residential real estate) and H & H Brokerage Group (commercial real estate).  In remembrance of Hubert’s dedication to Haywood Hoosman Realty, we will support the Golf Tournament Onward and Upward!!


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