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Andreal Hoosman is an expert real estate agent with Haywood Hoosman-Realty in St. Louis, MO and the nearby area.

Andreal has a passion for helping her clients find their perfect home or sell the one they have when it is time to move on. When working with buyers, she focuses on educating them so they can make an informed decision. 

Her expertise comes from years of experience in all facets of real estate, including buying and selling homes, working with builders and developers on new construction, investment properties and foreclosures. She works with all types of clients, including first-time home buyers and growing families, vacation home owners and those interested in retirement living in the area. 

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The commercial real estate industry is made up of brokers, managers, property owners, and tenants. It’s a huge field, with a lot of different aspects and areas of specialization.

Commercial real estate is the industry that deals with the buying and selling of commercial properties, as well as investing in them. It’s a huge field, with many different aspects and areas of specialization.

One of the most important things to know about commercial real estate is that it’s not just about owning and renting out office buildings or retail space—it can also include things like industrial warehouses, apartment buildings, hotels, malls, parking lots, marinas, brownfields (abandoned industrial sites), and many other types of property.

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Ronnie Barrett

Congratulations Brenda! It was such a pleasure working with a professional real estate agent like yourself. Your service and confidence went way above my expectations! Wow! You were so good I’ll refer my buyers to you. I’m hoping to work with you again. I now consider you a friend for life. Your new friend, sellers broker for your buyer, Ronnie B.”